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We are in the home stretch now with both bills headed to the HGO Subcommitte, Health Occupations and Long Term Care Operations, THIS Monday April 3rd. This has been a tiring but very much learning journey for all of us involved. Please be sure to keep your eyes glued to your inbox and social media if you have it for updates! We appreciate every single one of you who is aligned with our efforts and if you aren't, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and subcribe to our mailing list as we are ever growing our social justice community!

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Legislative Action 

SWEAR is actively working with Maryland legislators to remove barriers to social work licensure in the 2023 legislative session. 

In February, Senator Mary Washington (D-43) filed two important pieces of legislation regarding social work licensure. The original bills as written were: 

1. SB-0871: Effective immediately, place a moratorium on the ASWB exams at all licensure levels. Convene a task force to determine a better way forward for assessment of social work competency.

2. SB-0872: Effective immediately, provide for temporary licensure at the LMSW and LCSW-C level for 2-3 years for individuals who have otherwise met requirements except for passing the ASWB exam for the appropriate licensure level. 

After amendments both bills passed unanimously through the Senate. Here are what the bills are called and do now: 

1.) SB145 (merged with SB872) would authorize the board to give conditional and temporary licensure to BSW and MSWs only. The exam would no longer be a requirement to enter the field. As those of us who are social workers know, BSWs and MSWs combined complete over 1500+ hours in the field BEFORE graduation. This would allow social workers to be able to earn a wage without another barrier to get there. 

2.) SB871 no longer offers a moratorium. Due to opposition points that mentioned "two-tiered systems" as well as "unintended harm" it was struck. However it still offers the diverse workgroup SWEAR leaders fought hard for. It unfortunately includes 2 seats of ASWB which we are advocating to get down to one. 

After the vote in the Senate Finance Committee Hearing, SB871 and SB872 (merged with SB145) moved over to the House of Delegates, Health and Operations Committee where they were heard again with oral testimony. You can view that here beginning at the 18 minute mark. They will now go to the Health Occupations and Long Term Care Subcommittee on Monday. SWEAR Leadership will be present but we still need YOUR help head to the Get Involved page to see what you can do! 

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